Here is what we do at Overflow Church


    At Overflow Church,

    we have English translations of

    the praise songs,

    and  there is English texts

    in Bible messages.

    Welcome Worship Service

    every 2nd Sunday of the month

    It's a great chance for those

    who've never been to

    church before,

    or who don't know much

    about the Bible,

    to participate in our service.

    The Welcome Worship Service is

    intended for first-time church goers.

    After the service we will have lunch

    For more details,
    please look at the  Church Schedule

    Our gospel group,

    Gospel Fellowship, performs at

    various culture festivals and

    other events.

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    By knowing the unconditional love of God,
    the true value of your existence will be discovered,
    leading to your growth as a worshiper full of joy.
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